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Page to Room – The Natural Home

Before the maximalism that is the holiday season overtakes my home, I feel like I need to just look at rooms that don’t explode with colour.  The images in this 2012 book fit that description.  The Natural Home by Hans Blomquist with photos by Debi Treloar brings in tactile fabrics, muted colours and lots of natural elements.

Flipping through this book, you see so many rooms that are tone on tone.  Just look out the window at your garden and you’ll see the same thing (even in the early days of winter).  

One of the themes in the book is the “innate imperfection of natural materials”.  You can see that in the above image with the loosely styled branches, the linen runner that hasn’t been hemmed and the various furniture that hasn’t been stained/varnished.  


This space is incredibly atmospheric and moody.  I love how the plates are casually stacked on the open shelving. There is nothing symmetrical or fussy in this room.

Can you imagine being lucky enough to live in a home with a window like that?  My ‘to be read’ stack of books is similar to the above image and the owners have kept the colours muted in this space by keeping the spines against the wall.

The use of potted plants really warms up this room and perhaps hides a less than attractive view.

I love looking at the desks of creative people and this jumble of brushes, inks and a great vintage architecture chair is perfect.

This look is really punctuated by rooms that have evolved over time as the inhabitants add items they love. When you focus on natural elements and vintage pieces, you really need to take the time to find ‘just the right piece’.  

Here’s another workspace where vintage items and an industrial setting co-exist. 

This daybed looks like the perfect place to read, nap, etc.  I love the pillows that show they’ve been leaned against and the book that has been casually left open as if someone is about to return.

Make it your own

This look can be easily incorporated into your own home:

  • Rustic linen napkins (don’t even attempt to iron them)
  • Lean art on your bookshelves, desks, etc.
  • Use old fruit baskets to corral items in your pantry or office
  • Go into your garden and cut down some branches to create an interesting display on your table (this time of year you may need to go to a garden store for foliage)

Where to shop

In Calgary, you can shop at the following stores to find items to create a “natural home”: