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Page to Room – Shabby Chic Interiors

This week’s Page to Room is about a trend that has not gone away and really continues to have staying power.  It’s also a style that is very well-suited to summer when we’re drawn to interiors that are relaxed and carefree.

“My Rooms, Treasures, and Trinkets” was first published in 2009 and updated in 2012.  The author, Rachel Ashwell, is the creator of Shabby Chic, which is a style that evolved to an actual brand.  I had the chance to visit her store in Soho back in 2012 and then again a few years later.

Shabby Chic

This look is defined by muted colours (mainly pastels), chippy painted furniture and vintage fabric and wall coverings.  There is a lot of texture and layers – think maximalist vs. minimalist.  

The connecting theme in the above photo is the use of floral patterns. Even though the patterns and colours are different, it all works together as the subdued colours don’t compete with each other.

The two-legged pedestal sink makes an appearance throughout the book and you can find a similar version on Wayfair. I do recall a post several years ago at Young, House, Love when they confirmed that installation can be a bit tricky. Heed their warnings and hold tight to those legs! 

White is the background to most of these rooms with pale, pastel accents.  The drop-leaf table is well loved and incredibly casual with the original dark stain showing through the paint. As the book notes there is a “beauty of imperfection” with this look.

Items used or displayed in unexpected ways is a key theme.  The above image includes a ruffled bedspread getting a new life as a tablecloth.  

Make it your own

I found an entire room at Sentimental Journey Antiques that could be shopped to re-create this look in your own space. 


The settee would be perfect in an entranceway and a cabinet (or two) is a great addition to display your fab flea market finds. 

The above desk and chair was probably re-finished using chalk paint. I’ve worked with it before and it really is a low effort way to refresh your existing furniture.

Rather than pulling out your sewing machine you can add the Shirley Floral Reversible Patchwork Shams from Pottery Barn.

If you have tall ceilings, the Sarita Floral Tapestry from Anthropologie would be a wonderful way to incorporate florals into a room. 

As the name of this look includes the word “shabby”, don’t forget that it’s not about crisp lines, symmetry, or matching furniture sets.  It actually takes time to curate a look that isn’t fussy, so don’t rush it. 

Where to shop

As we’re well into summer, I would definitely recommend garage sales as a great way of finding vintage bedding, furniture, accent pieces, etc.  If hunting for early morning deals isn’t your thing, try: