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Page to Room – Cowboy Style

My first “Page to Room” post is based on a book I recently found at the new Central Library.  “Cowboy Style” by Chase Reynolds Ewald was published in 2000.

This design aesthetic is first and foremost a representation of that lifestyle.  It celebrates the land, tradition and evokes the spirit of the adventurers that came West in carriages and on horseback searching for a new way of life.

Cowboy Style

I live in the West but this is actually a style that I very seldom see.  You might find references to it in a ski lodge, the occasional log cabin in the Foothills or as kitsch decor in a restaurant.  It’s certainly not something that creeps into the suburbs of Calgary. But why not?

Photo courtesy Mr. and Mrs. Lee Molesworth, Ventura, California

This lodge in Jackson Hole, Wyoming was designed by Thomas Canada Molesworth of the Shoshone Furniture Company.  For large commissions, like the above, he would design not just the furniture but the entire space, from beaded curtains and painted lampshades to the Navajo rugs hanging from the beams.

It’s the rugs hanging from the beams that had me stop to take a closer look at this image.  I love that idea for a rustic cottage.  

Photo (c) 2000 Lynn Donaldson

This twig-and-snowshoe table was made by James Howard for his Long Lake, New York home.  The tree limbs used as legs and the decorative twigs are the epitome of cowboy style and the addition of the snowshoe is a great touch of whimsy.

Photo (c) 2000 Lynn Donaldson

The key feature in this library is the bookcase by Montana craftswoman Diane Cole Ross.  The light in this space is quite warm which works with the dark wood and textiles.  

Photo (c) 2000 Elijah Cobb

This room is exactly what I would expect to see in a hunting lodge.  A moose-antler chandelier, buffalo skull, antique guns and even traps are used as decor.   It’s incredibly masculine but could go kitsch with a few softer touches added (less decor that could maim you would be a start). 

Make it your own

Anything catch your eye?  If you want to incorporate pieces that exemplify this look into your home, here are a few ideas:

(1) Pendleton blanket (pictured below is “Silver Bark”) – perfect for our long winters but equally useful on cool summer nights in front of a campfire.  I like the lighter colours used in this blanket which would work well in a modern space.

(2) Willow and Barnwood Plant Stand (available at Timothy Twig) – a great mix of materials that will acquire a lovely patina over time in your garden.


(3) Western memorabilia (image from Iron Crow) – there are some great items in the below photo like the old lantern and horse spurs

Cowboy Style

Where to shop

Sounds like a style you’d like to incorporate into your home?  Take a visit to the following stores and find some cowboy style:

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