bird cage pendant
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my own la voliere pendant light

I became obsessed with the series of La Voliere lights when I visited The Conran Shop in New York several years ago.

La Voliere

I thought it was such a fun and whimsical piece and when I bought my home, I really, really wanted to splurge on one for my bedroom.  With so many other projects though, it just wasn’t in the budget so I decided to create something similar myself.

bird cage pendant

This DIY all started with a wire umbrella basket from Target.  My Mom picked it up for only $10 as there was no price tag on it so the sales associate just quoted what she thought was a fair price (hmmmm, I guess I’m part of why they’re leaving Canada?).  I then picked up a mini pendant kit from Home Depot, an Edison light bulb and some little birds from Dollar Tree.

bird cage pendant

For under $40, I had a great new pendant light.

feathered bird

These clips were already on the birds making it really easy to assemble.  It also makes it really easy to disassemble when I want to change the look.

bird cage pendant

I’m really happy with how this DIY project turned out.  It’s just as fun as the light I coveted but definitely at a price that I can afford.