flower frogs – the kind that don’t go ‘ribbit’

My mom called me awhile ago and mentioned that I should do a post on all the different things you can do with flower frogs.  If you visit my site for design inspiration, then hopefully you know these aren’t the kind that go “ribbit” but instead are used in floral displays.

vintage frogs

Flower frogs are used at the bottom of vases or bowls to keep floral arrangements in place.  They come in different sizes, shapes, materials and price points. You can pick them up new or like the above box, can often find an assortment at vintage markets and antique stores.

pottery frogs

I spotted these ceramic frogs at a boutique in St. Albert that are designed to sit on top of glass bottles or vases.  I love the patterns and colours they used. 

collection of frogs

This lovely little collection can be seen at Cozy Cottage Interiors here in Calgary.


My own desk actually contains two vintage flower frogs.

business card holder

I use one to hold current business cards and I love its colour and unusual shape.


I picked up this industrial looking one in Seattle this summer and it keeps my pens organized (yes, I love using bright ink colours!).

make-up brushes

I keep a classic glass flower frog on my vanity.  It holds make-up brushes and pencils which makes getting ready in the morning a lot easier since everything I need is right at my fingertips.

knitting needles

This green glass frog has enough height to store knitting or crochet needles.

name plate

I think the little frogs work perfectly when you’re planning a dinner party and assigning each guest a spot around the table.

vintage bottle

You can also pick up these metal inserts from Michaels which easily convert any jar into a vase.


Flower frogs are an incredibly versatile little tool.  I’d love to hear how you use them in your home.