cross-stitch family portrait

family portrait cross-stitch

cross-stitch family portrait

I created this great portrait of my family using a photo from the mid-80’s.  It’s a joint Mother’s/Father’s Day gift for my parents.

Family photo

Here is our fabulous family photo.  We are rocking some sweet, sweet ’80’s styles.  You can’t see my lovely fuchsia tights and it’s difficult to count the number of buckles on my brother’s outfit, but these really were our fave clothes (at the time).

graph paper pattern

Once you pick a great picture, this project starts with some graph paper to sketch out the designs.  I then sorted through several boxes of DMC, to find the perfect colours to use.


Because the pattern is so simple, it really doesn’t take too long to finish.  I added our dog, Tammy, and the various details from our outfits.

Cross-stitch detail

I worked two threads together to create the plaid in my sister’s skirt and even added a few buckles on my brother’s vest, just like in the photo.

Cross-stitch detail

My Dad’s tie got a blue stripe and my dress got a few bright patterns.

cross-stitch family portrait

And here is another shot of the finished piece.  I added our family name and then mounted it in a wooden embroidery hoop.  This project cost me $1.50 as I got the aida cloth 50% off at Michaels and already owned the thread, hoop and paper.  Easy peasy!

I am so happy with how this turned out and my parents’ loved it.