Charley Harper Round Nature Rug

Currently coveting – Charley Harper Nature Rug

Like everyone, I get a lot of e-mails from various stores promoting new products, sales, etc.  I’m not doing a lot of shopping other than groceries right now so for the most part I just delete these e-mails.  But when I received an e-mail from Crate&Barrel with what I recognised as a Charley Harper design, I immediately clicked the link.

Charley Harper Round Nature Rug

I have been a fan of his art for a very long time and own several products from his collaboration with Todd Oldham.  The colours, the modern lines and his view of the natural world is a style that just speaks to me.  

You can currently find this rug for 20% off.  It’s classified as a “kid’s rug” but even big kid’s would love to own this.