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refinishing a eureka silk spool cabinet

Sometimes, social media surprises you.  I had a new Twitter follower, renoback, in the Fall and I clicked to see what they were about and found a jewel of a cabinet just waiting for me to bring it home on their site.


This Eureka Silk spool cabinet is from the early 1900’s and was probably used in a store to display and house spools of thread.  I picked it up for a great price and have seen similar versions in antique shops for considerably more.

The cabinet was in rough shape when I got it but that lettering is certainly something to love.  I knew with a bit of work, it could be beautiful again. I also knew it would make a fabulous Christmas gift for my Mom.


You can see the water damage on the sides and top and it looks like an animal gnawed off one of the corners.  A knob was missing, as was a piece of glass and the handle for the top drawer. None of this deterred me though from handing over some cash and popping it in my trunk. Continue reading “refinishing a eureka silk spool cabinet”


making over a vintage dresser

I have been busy all summer with various projects around my home.  Some pretty and some, like touching up the fence stain, that are just necessary when you’re a homeowner.  I spent a good chunk of August making over my bedroom and while it isn’t quite finished, I thought it was time to at least share one new addition.

I really wanted to add a vintage dresser to my room.  Something that wasn’t too precious as I intended to paint it and it couldn’t be too long given the length of the wall it would go against.  I also liked the idea of a low-boy so that I could style the top and hang some artwork above it.  I finally found exactly what I was looking for while visiting an antique show at the ARC at the end of July.

Dresser before

This dresser is from the ’40’s and I bought it from a mother/son pair that were selling their grandparent’s furniture.  It is beautifully made but definitely shows the wear and tear of daily life.  I also loved the shape of the handles and planned to keep them as-is.

Close-up of the drawers

When I took the handles off you could see the original colour and finish of the stain.  This dresser was definitely showing it’s 70+ years. Continue reading “making over a vintage dresser”


buy my chairs…

…. so I can buy new ones.

I decided to sell my living room chairs through the Consignment Gallery.  They looked great in my old home but my new house doesn’t have a formal living room.

Black and white chairs - Riverside

I’m also working with some different patterns in my new place and these chairs could be reupholstered but they are in perfect condition, so I felt it would be easier to sell them and start fresh.

Black and white chairs

If you’re interested, check out the Consignment Gallery.