family portrait cross-stitch

cross-stitch family portrait

I created this great portrait of my family using a photo from the mid-80’s.  It’s a joint Mother’s/Father’s Day gift for my parents.

Family photo

Here is our fabulous family photo.  We are rocking some sweet, sweet ’80’s styles.  You can’t see my lovely fuchsia tights and it’s difficult to count the number of buckles on my brother’s outfit, but these really were our fave clothes (at the time).

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adding a little sparkle to an old painting

I found this painting at Value Village for $17.99 and used a 30% discount to get the price even lower.  I really liked the size of the piece and am a sucker for landscapes.

Landscape Painting

I’d been on the hunt for a painting like this after watching an episode of Buy it! Fix it! Sell it! where Tiffany Pratt bought a piece of artwork at an auction and added her own unique touch of vibrant colours and glitter to turn it into something fresh and modern (S01,E02).


I don’t have her skills but I figured with my vast collection of glitter, I could pull off something similar.

Adding glitter

Just using some white glue and a small paintbrush, I painted thin lines or dots of the glue on the areas I wanted to accent and then sprinkled on the glitter.

Giller close-up

Here’s a close-up shot of the little glitter piles spread around the painting.  It was actually really easy to clean-up as I just pulled out the Dyson and sucked away the excess glitter.

Painting with glitter

Here’s the finished painting.  It’s not too blingy (do people still use that word?) but the glitter does add some sparkle where the light hits it.

Painting with glitter

I took this shot as the afternoon sun hit it in my front room.  It’s been added to a growing pile of artwork that I’m going to hang in that room.  Definitely an eclectic piece for the collection.