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frank lloyd wright

Frank Lloyd Wright was an American architect and interior designer.  He designed structures that were in harmony with humanity and its environment, referred to as organic architecture.

601 Robie 1

He also created many of the interior elements of his structures such as furniture and stained glass.  I spent a long time standing in the Francis W. Little living room which has been meticulously relocated to The Metropolitan Museum of Art. It is such a beautiful room.

Francis W Little Living Room

One of his most famous homes is Fallingwater designed in 1935 in rural Pennsylvania. I love how Lego reimagined it as part of their Architecture series.



Designer Profile

eileen gray

Eileen Gray was an Irish architect-designer (1878-1976).  I discovered her when taking a course on the history of furniture and my project was to design a room in the Art Deco style.  I was really surprised to find her designs as they weren’t what I expected to see.  She was part of a Modernist trend which had a more lasting effect on design than the high-style decorative works that were occurring at the same time.


Her Bibendum chair is certainly unique and was named after the Michelin man.  There is a very obvious resemblance to his shape in the piece.




I think most people would be familiar with her E1027 Table.  This is the piece that stuck me as being so unique to that time period.  The crisp lines and shape are so perfect for today’s contemporary homes that I’m sure in 1927 this was considered a really bold design.

Eileen French Press

I can’t afford any of Eileen’s lovely designs but I can afford this french press from Bodum that was influenced by the designer.  In fact, I received it as a Christmas gift and I enjoy using it every weekend.  It really does remind me of the lasting influence Eileen Gray had on design.