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my own la voliere pendant light

I became obsessed with the series of La Voliere lights when I visited The Conran Shop in New York several years ago.

La Voliere

I thought it was such a fun and whimsical piece and when I bought my home, I really, really wanted to splurge on one for my bedroom.  With so many other projects though, it just wasn’t in the budget so I decided to create something similar myself.

bird cage pendant

This DIY all started with a wire umbrella basket from Target.  My Mom picked it up for only $10 as there was no price tag on it so the sales associate just quoted what she thought was a fair price (hmmmm, I guess I’m part of why they’re leaving Canada?).  I then picked up a mini pendant kit from Home Depot, an Edison light bulb and some little birds from Dollar Tree. Continue reading “my own la voliere pendant light”


eclectic design element – goose decoy

Geese decoys

I can’t believe I forgot to add an update that one of these sweet little geese now lives with me.  Before flying out to NYC a few weeks ago, my Mom and I made a return visit to Blue Jar Antique Mall in Edmonton (see post here).  I had been pretty smitten with these paper images and thought that if they were still there, that I would pull the trigger and bring one home.  I was pretty happy when we turned down the last row and both were waiting for me.

I admit that they are certainly an unusual item and not everyone’s cup of tea.  I just love how rustic they are and the soft grey tones of the printed feathers. One of my big summer projects is to work on my bedroom and I hope to post my design plan shortly.  I think this goose decoy will work really well with the overall theme.  I currently have a closet stuffed with items for the room and now that summer is here, I finally have time to get started.


adding a little art

I still need to add a shelf above my desk but it was looking so bare that I finally put up a couple of pieces of art to add some colour.

Feeling a bit plain

Pretty but plain
Pretty but plain

I put up these great “Tree Ghosts” created by Leanna Isayew that I picked up at the Calgary Art Market last November.

Ghost Trees

When I picked these up, Leanna provided me with the following description of these pieces:

Each tree ghost is created from dead fall found in the Calgary area.  The process takes approximately a week to produce.  The rounds are cleaned, cut and sanded both by machine and by hand.  A varnish is used to seal the wood which readies them for painting.  Each one is then hand painted using a unique process to warp the paint into colourful patterns.  When the paint is fully dry the face is then coated with a resin to exquisitely encapsulate the ghost and create a shiny almost jewelled effect.  Each ghost is completely unique in shape, size and colour.


I love how the resin makes these pieces sparkle and the colours are so bright and cheerful.  A hole is drilled into the back to make them easy to hang or you could lay them flat.

I love how these pieces shine
I love how these pieces shine
Ghost trees
Slowly coming together