Big Loop Knit Blanket

adding texture with a big loop knit blanket

I fell in love with the Merino Big Loop yarn available at Stash Lounge and saved up my pennies last year (well, $5 bills really) and picked up a lovely yellow skein.

big loop wool

It’s a really easy pattern with just knits and purls and took only a few hours to finish it.  It does take some practice to work with such large needles but I would definitely work with this yarn again.

Big Loop Knit Blanket

I currently have the finished blanket draped over my Strandmon wing chair.  It’s a wonderful pop of colour in a corner that is dark most of the day.  Also, my lamp is not crooked but my 100 year-old floors are.

Big Loop Knit Blanket

I love how this blanket adds texture and a brightness to the room.  The yellow colour works perfectly with all the blues and greys.  It is also incredibly soft and feels wonderful against your skin – which is exactly what a blanket should do!